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Monday to Friday 5.00pm ·11.30pm

Saturday and sunday 12 noon - 2.30pm 6.00pm • 11.30pm

Open 7 days a week including Bank Holiday

Tel: (01795) 590037

Tel: (01795) 590052

106 West Street


The Raj

Fine Indian cuisine

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West Street Line Faversham

Faversham’s largest collection of takeaway menus

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Faversham EdTown The Raj restaurant and takeaway Faversham

1 Chicken Tikka or Meat Tikka

2 Tandoori Chicken

3 Tandoori King Prawn

4 Chicken Chat

5 Chicken Chat Puree

6 Sardines (Lightly spiced, shallow fried, served with mixed salad)

7 Chicken Pakura

8 Seekh Kebab I Shami Kebab

9 Ajwani Salmon

Fresh salmon marinated with ajwani seeds, mustard, garlic, garam masala, herbs, fresh spices - served with fried onion & salad.

10 Prawn Puree

11 King Prawn Puree

12 Samosa (Meat or Vegetable)

13 Onion Bhaji

14 King Prawn Suka

King prawn prepared to our chef's own reciepe, cooked with tamarind based sauce.

15 Chicken or Meat Suka

Chicken or meat prepared to our chef's own reciepe, cooked with tamarind based sauce.

16 Keema Nazakat

Tamarind based, cooked with mince meat. Served in pan cake.

17a Minted Chicken (Minted chicken prepared in a sweetened sauce)

17b Salmon Tikka (Served with salad)

Marinated in chefs yoghurt sauce, mustard, garam masala, prepared in clay oven.




















18 Moghul Kebab (Chicken or Meat)

Cooked in medium spices with herbs, fried onions, green peppers and tomatoes, served with mushroom rice.

19 Khaibary Style Bolti Kebab (Chicken or Meat)

Cooked with fresh spices and herbs, mixed with chopped onions, green peppers and tomatoes. A medium spiced dish served with nan.

20 Bangladeshi Style Maas Bath

Fresh Bengal Fish cooked in rich spices, authentic herbs with green peppers, chopped onions, and tomatoes, served with garlic fried rice.

21 Moghul Style Bolti Chicken £10.50

This is delicate moghul style chicken cooked with fresh spices & herbs, with pilau rice.

22 Bahar-E-Kebab khaibary (Chicken or meat)

Minced meat with herbs & spices cooked in a mild cream sauce. Served with pilau rice.

23 King Prawn Delight (Mughal style)

Deep fried king prawn cooked in a almond coconut mild sauce. Served with egg fry rice.

24 Karachi Style (Chicken or Meat)

A fine karachi flavoured dish endulged with green peppers, onions, fresh spicesand herbs, coated with cheese and served with mushroom rice.









25 Butter Chicken (Mild)

26 Chicken Passanda

Long strips of delicatly marinated chicken coated in a rich almond and coconut based sauce, very mild with a hint of wine.

27 lamb Passanda

Delicatly spiced lamb, coated in a rich almond and coconut based sauce, very mild with a hint of wine.

28 King Prawn Jhalfrezi (Hot)

29 Chicken or lamb Jalfrezi (Hot)

Medium dry chicken, heavily spiced, very hot with green chillies.

30 Chicken Tikka Achary

Cooked with mango pickle.

31 Chicken Tikka Makhany (Mild with mango)

32 Chicken Tikka Jalali (Mild)

A speciality of Jalay, mild spices cooked with almond.

33 Korai Kebab Khybry

A speciality of khyber, diced chicken cooked in khybery spices with tomatoes, capsicum, cooked and served on a skillet.

34 Murgh Massala (Mild)

Spring chicken cooked with almonds, mild spices & minced meat, served on a skillet.

35 Murgh Karahi

Dried chicken cooked in curry sauce, delicately flavoured with oriental herbs and spices, cooked and served in a skillet.

36 Garlic Chilli Chicken Mosala (Hot)

Diced pieces of chicken cooked with ginger, green pepper, fried green chillies and coriander, sour spiced sauce.

37 Chicken Rezala

Cooked with our own chef's reciepe, tamarind base sauce.

38 Meat Rezala

Cooked with our own chef's reciepe, tamarind base sauce.

39 King Prawn Delight £9.95

Sweet & sour. Cooked with our own chefs reciepe, tamarind sauce.

40 Korai Gosht £7.95

lamb dish, cooked in curry sauce, delicatly flavoured with oriental herbs and spices.  Cooked and served in a Skillet.

41 Saat Kori (Meat or chicken)

Fresh lime pieces, heavily spiced, medium hot.

42 Tandoori Chicken Mosala (On the bone)

43 Chicken Tikka Mosala

44 MeatTikka Mosala

45 Tandoori King Prawn Mosala

46 la Jawab Chicken or Meat

Spring chicken flavoured with chefs own recipe coated with spinach & cheese.

47 Salmon Tikka

Salmon marinted with green curry paste, ajwani seeds, mustard & garam

mosala spices, served with salad.

48 Salmon Shah

Pan fried salmon cooked with speial medium masala sauce, garnished with spring onion.



























1 Cheques must be supported by bankers card

2 Price include VAT

3 Any special offer is subject to conditions, and cannot be used with other offers.

4 The management reserves the right to refuse anybody without giving reasons.

S Starters will be served only with main dish.

6 We use almond flakes, pistachio nuts, coconut powder. almond powder,

gram (basin) flour and selfraising flour in our foods.

7 Please notify us if you are allergic to any of these.

8 All major cards are accepted with a surcharge of 50p.


•All orders must have a minimum order of £15 to redeem offer

•Cannot be in conjunction with any other offers

•Limited time only

•No fish or king prawns included

•Collection Only

•No cash alternative available

•Not for re-sale

•Offer to be redeemed in methodical order

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The Raj restaurant and takeaway Faversham

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Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Banquet Night

Any one starter any main dish

Any one side dish Any one rice Any main

Only £10.95 per person

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment

No King Prawns included in the Banquet Night

New Sunday Banquet for £12.95

When ordering from the menu’s just let the restaurant know you are ordering from EdTown

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The only online menu for the Raj that does not have a charge or commission to either the customer or the Raj.

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A home for your club

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Zumba – plus Pilates

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West Faversham Community Centre a home for your club

Café Open on weekdays for tea, coffee and lunches

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The Raj, Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating 3D Display Ltd Faversham

Manufacturers of Acrylic Display & Point of Sale.  Based in Faversham for 36 years we have a huge range of display items suitable for all types of retail environments.

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